about me


My shibari

I discovered Shibari back in 2010, but I didn’t start with my first steps into it until 2012.
Pursuing something I knew it was for me, I began an intense journey discovering myself and humanity through Shibari.

After having taken almost all the opportunities I’d created for myself, my view of Shibari went to a natural shape and flow that fitted more with my believes as a human being, as a professional, and as a creator.

My perspective on Shibari is focused on an art form which is an open source for infinite possibilities of creation. As any art form, a style and approach can be taught to others, be experimented with, be open to evolve, to change, to create//to enhance creativity.

I do not consider myself part of any movement, following any specific style or master.
My way of tying, teaching, and my knowledge are a mix of many years of experience, self-improvement, conscious evolution, and unique sense of style.


My Line

Since the first moment, I stepped into it.
I gave the chance to try, I walked forward it, I learned, I created, I destroyed.
I never waited to come to me, I went for it. 
I found somehow a path, pulled aside the rocks on my way, I built the roads to where I wanted to go, where I wanted to be.

I met unbelievable beings through Shibari, and there is still a lot on the way to come and go.
Immensely grateful to every person I learnt from and shared with, in different ways.

I hope you can be part of it too.



MY work

My work covers a few areas and you can find some of them on this website:

-Shibari educator: giving group workshops, small and regular group class, online tutorials, private tuition for people who want to learn how to tie and be tied up.
-Shibari Performer: giving duo performances at events, festivals, to audio-visual mediums.
-Rope circus performer: As a solo artist, I merged Circus with Shibari creating a unique style.
-Installation artist: Creating artworks with jute ropes for venues, galleries and so on.
-Photographer: I create artistic photography related to Shibari for various purposes.
-Rope provider: Selling products, including jute ropes for Shibari use.


back & forward

I had the pleasure to work with some of the best professionals around the world.
Have been teaching, performing, and presenting my work at various events, festivals, venues, etc. in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Greece, Brazil, etc.
Some events I have been teaching or performing: Ópera Garnier in Paris, Salle Pleyel in Paris, Theatre Des Arts in Rouen, l’Auditorium de Lyon, EURIX in Berlin, Anatomie Studio in London, Place des Cordes in Paris, Ellipsis Event in Rotterdam, Wasteland in Amsterdam, Bound in London, various art galleries in Spain, various tattoos conventions, Paradiso in Amsterdam, Torture Garden London, El apeadero in Granada, Prague Shibari Festival, Faust in Athens, Rope Space in São Paulo, Entre Nós in Brazilia, Ventri in Rio de Janeiro, and many more.

Planning upcoming travels to: Greece, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and Canada in 2018 and 2019, besides back to other regular destinations in Europe.
I'm always open to visit new destinations and work at different events and venues, as with different organizers too. Bringing wider and more accessible approach to anyone anywhere.



Inspired by fine arts and body mechanics, this is where I most focus my work as a Shibari creator and educator.
I have been attending several workshops, master classes and private tuition with the top and most interesting riggers/models related to Shibari from Japan, Europe and other places, since 2012.

I had attend to: Kazami Ranki, Kinoko Hajimi, Naka Akira, Otanawa, Pedro Cordas, Gorgone (Marika Leila), Yagami Ren, Fuoco, KissMeDeadlyDoll, EURIX since 2013, Prague Shibari Festival, and much more.

I have background of yoga and circus knowledge regarding body mechanics.,
Expanding every year my knowledge about the human body and how it more formally works, as much as my training, my education into couching, and teaching and performance skills.