Returns and exchange policy

We, at Learn Shibari, offer mostly customised products, and for that reason, all of our personalised custom made products have a no refund policy. We expect our customers to be aware of that and choose their custom products consciously because once we receive their order, we proceed into preparing them to every detail designed for each customer taste. For this reason, we cannot exchange or return with a refund of a product made for someone specific.
We have an obvious indication of each custom made product description on the website.

Here is a list of products that can be exchanged or returned with a refund under certain reasons (read more below):
Natural Jute/Hemp ropes with overhand knots
Care & Gear products (oils, balms, safety shears and rings)

Conditions for the return or exchange

To solicit a return with refund or exchange, we will ask for:

-A picture of the shipping label
-A picture of the box from the outside and inside
-A picture of the products wanted to be exchanged or return
-A short reason to return or exchange the product

If you cannot send us those pictures, we will not be able to make any return or exchange.

We will return or exchange under those following cases:

-A mistake made from Learn Shibari in the order
-The customer does not receive a package due to an error made by the shipping company
-Unused and unopened products damaged when arrived
-Unused and unopened products that are listed as possible to return or exchange

We will not return or exchange the products for the following cases but not limited:

- Because the product is in a good state, but the customer does not want them anymore for any reason
-The customer did not receive the items due to the absence (The delivery company send the package back to us if they could not deliver to the final client. The delivery company try to contact the client, if they do not respond we are not responsible for the no delivery)
-The metal cans or caps for the rope balm/rope oil is closed but somehow dented
- Because the client does not like the treatment touch or the rope in general for any reason
- Because the shade of the coloured ropes or natural ropes are not exactly as in the pictures (see the FAQ section to know more about our reasons)
-Because of a slightly different rope size (see on the FAQ section to know more about our reasons)
-Because safety shears are not very sharp anymore
-Because the metal ring has visible welds.
-Because the client claims to be allergic to something in the product
-Other reasons that were not the mistake from Learn Shibari or the shipping/delivery company
-Other similar reasons

In cases of return for refund or exchange, we ask the customer to be patient and wait us send them instructions about how to return them.

To return or exchange, the customer should let us know immediately as soon they get the products and realises that might be a problem and follows the guideline for return and exchange.
The customer has five days since the package arrived to contact us and return the product under our instructions. Once we received the product, we will evaluate if it follows the guidelines and proceeds to offer a refund or exchange in the following 15 days after return delivery.

Cancellations, change and refunds

In cases of requesting a cancellation and change, the customer has 48 hours to inform us about a request for cancellation with a refund or a product exchange.
After the purchase 48 hours period, we will proceed to prepare the custom made products and ship them. If the items are not custom made, the customer has at least seven working days to cancel their order and ask for a refund or change the products.

The client has the right to cancel the order with a full refund if they did not receive a tracking number confirming the shipping within 30 days after the purchase.

We will send the refund money via the same method it was paid (Paypal or to the card used) within 7 to 30 days after the cancellation was confirmed. It includes the time of shipping back, the time we need to process the returned items and the time that your bank takes to process the refund. Often you may receive the refund money quicker.

Products bought under promotional codes, free shipping or other promotional season are not refundable or exchangeable. Please be aware of that before purchasing anything and ask appropriated questions if necessary via email.


We ship worldwide. Usually, we order the pick up on Mondays and Wednesdays, weekend days and holidays shipping companies do not work. Barcelona, Spain is where are based, on any national holiday or local holiday, the pickups will not be available, and we will ask for the pick up on the next working day set up (next Monday or next Wednesday).
Note that shipping companies might have delays to pick up the packages, or have any other issue that causes delays on the delivery. The time for shipping and delivery is estimated, not exact.
We always choose the shipping options with tracking number and signature when delivery so we can guarantee to our customer's transparency about the status of their orders and a safer option.

Please note that some countries do have a more restricted border and charges may apply, equally at the customs office can open the package before delivery, and they package could behold for any reason. If you live outside of Spain, please take that in mind and be aware of how the customs work and the additional charges they may apply to your package.

Our shipping prices depend on their weight; once the order we confirm via email, we will send a tracking number from the same website system that you will receive via email with the details of the carrier altogether. We always expect our customers to contact us as soon as possible if they have issues or does not understand something. And we recommend if there is any delay or issues for delivery to talk directly to the delivery company to find out the reason if this is not possible we are always reachable to help as much as possible in that matter.

The prices for shipping does not include any additional charge at the customs office, or the receiver might pay additional taxes at the border and any extra charge. As each customs board, the prices can vary, we recommend our customers to inform themselves about it and evaluate the prices or any issue that could occur with products that are not allowed due to restrictive border or other reasons.

Free Shipping

When we have special promotions, free shipping might be one of the options. In this case, we always will opt for tracked parcels, but the estimated time for preparation and shipping may vary for longer due to high demand or depending on the company shipping the products.