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Frequently asked questions


Shipping time

Shipping time depends on the weight and where the package is sent to. Spain all packages: 1-3 working days Eu countries: 1-8 working days International: 2 to 8 working days It might occur delays due to reasons out of our control, which we are really sorry if it happens. Please note that we are based in Barcelona, Spain and we might have holidays days that are not in another area which is not possible organise the pickup or ship that day. Those shipping time are an approximation, not the exact time, and we ask patience if you order something. If you have any question and want to know a more exact timing or information about the shipping time, please contact us and we will give you the most detailed answer.

How my products is being shipped?

We work with different shipping and delivery companies: Seur, Zeleris, UPS, and Correos Express. Is common we send a package with one of those companies but the delivery company in each country might differ. If any issue happens on the delivery part please contact the company that has been in charge. It is still the same company, we will process to contact with them and get to know what happens.

Where do you ship?

We can ship worldwide from Barcelona, Spain.
If your country is not listed as option, please contact us to offer you an option.
All our packages are shipped in private shipping companies and some countries might require the ID number of the receiver for customs purposes to countries OUTSIDE of the Schengen area and EU area combined, please make sure you fill that correctly. And all our products are sent with a tracking number. NOTE: You should be self-aware that hemp ropes might have restrictions in some countries.

Lost packages, lost items, damages, no delivery and such.

As we work with private companies, is much easier to find out if there is any problem. However if the delivery company in the delivery country changes, we suggest the customer contact them to know what happens to their packages. We always welcome notifications or ask for help in this matter. If the company in charge of delivery is the same as the one we shipped, we can contact them directly to find out the problem. Lost packages are extremely rare, fortunately. No deliveries are almost impossible. We ask our costumers check their tracking numbers regularly and if there is not info changed in 2-3 days to contact us, and be present at the address of the delivery when they see their packages will arrive soon. Please do not wait long for updates, some countries are more strict on the customs and the package might be held for some days and depending on each situation, they might send back if the receiver doesn't contact them or update requested information. Regarding damages, we cannot be responsible if your package was open in the way or at customs. This is something that might happen. We secure the packages very well and protect the packages as much as possible against any damage for being opened at customs. If you received a package opened, please double check if there is any damage on the product and report us this information, but we cannot give a refund or exchange due to this reason, unfortunately. If the product is damaged inside of the package but wasn't open, if it was a wrong product or wrong specification, please let us know. We will ask the customer to send us some photos of the full products and details via e-mail to analyze the situation and offer options to solve this problem. If you have any question about this matter, please contact us.


How is the packaging?

We send our products in the most safer way. All products are usually sent on cardboard boxes, some small rope orders or rings we might send on padded mailing envelopes according to the sizes. All products inside are folded on craft paper, and extra craft paper or cardboard filler and rarely we might need bubble film to secure some products. We are an eco-friendly and very focused on the environmental waste, so most (if not all) our products are recycled already or made of materials easily recyclable, biodegradable, or refused. And we ask our customers to recycle properly and reuse as much they can boxes and fillers they receive. We do not have any logo or information outside on the box. We like to keep everything very minimalistic and discreet for our customers. Some cards and flyers might be included inside of the package. For very large size orders we might reuse big boxes we already have. :)

My package arrived damaged.

If your package arrived damaged outside, we usually recommend you take photos or/and videos before opening it. Then please check if the products are damaged inside too and we ask for pictures or/and videos too. If the damage was the boxed being opened by customs and then closed again with another tape, unfortunately, we can't make anything for this. If your package arrived damaged and the product inside, we will contact the company that delivered it and change your product for another one with no extra shipping charge after the damaged product sent and arrived at our address.


What is the preparation time?

Generally, every product that is not custom made, such as rings, safety shears, rope balms, oils and untreated natural ropes with overhand knots takes much less time of preparation, within 1-3 working days depending on the load of orders we have.

How long takes for the natural ropes to be prepared?

We have two types of natural ropes products, the treated ones and untreated ones. Treated ropes: 3-6 working days. Untreated ropes: 2-4 working days. Delays might happen due to the high amount of orders, promotional days and such. We ask our customers to be patient and thoughtful that we are a very small business.

How long takes for the coloured ropes to be prepared?

We have two types of dyed ropes products. Treated coloured ropes: 5-10 working days. Untreated coloured ropes: 5-7 working days. Delays might happen due to the high amount of orders, promotional days, weather complications and such. We ask our customers to be patient and thoughtful that we are a very small business.

Durability / Grading

Are the products graded?

Our rope manufacturer does not provide load rating, like most (if not all) other rope manufacturers don’t due to the nature of natural fibres like jute and hemp, which differs totally to synthetic ropes as they are much more predictable in that matter. Other factors also can affect the quality and durability of the natural fibres ropes, which makes impossible to rate them. Regarding other materials like our rings, the manufacturers also don’t give us a loading rate so we cannot ensure their loading rate for legal and safety reasons and we can endorse neither the natural fibres ropes or rated rings for suspending living beings. If we comment on any loading reference to our products is due to the intern test we did to one specific product but is not a qualified reference for all the products sold on the website. And we always ask our customers be responsible and self-aware of the risks that take to suspend living beings and check always the conditions of their equipment, use in reasonable conditions if so and treat the products correctly to avoid damages and accidents. However, we cannot be responsible for any accident as we cannot know how those materials were treated or if was a malfunction.

Which are the durability of the products?

Our natural ropes have quiet long life spam. Of course, it always depends on their use and intensity, and many other reasons. Some clients still use their ropes with no problems for more than 2 years and others have to change theirs in 8 month due to the way they used the ropes. We recommend every customer educate themselves before purchasing and make sure they are treating the ropes adequately.
Dyed ropes always have a shorter life span due to the wet process of dyeing them, however, the method we use is specially designed to keep the integrity of the ropes as much as possible and we can say they last longer than most other dyed ropes due to the method we use and the quality of our ropes. Regarding the other materials, they are very durable if treated properly. Please note that safety shears are not intended to last very long, they are useful for several uses and ultimately will end up not cutting properly after a while. Make sure you have another one, because safety goes first always, and make sure to use the ones for only emergency and not trivial uses.

About our products

Natural ropes

Does the natural ropes causes allergy?

Allergy to jute or hemp is extremely rare. We recommend checking with a specialist in case of doubts. What can causes skin reaction is the presence of chemicals like JBO (jute batching oil) present in most ropes. Which is super important to get ropes that are naturally JBO free or very low. Take in mind that if you get a rope that has some JBO on them and tries to process them to eliminate this chemical, it won't be 100% efficient and will weaken the rope. You can know if your ropes are JBO free or very low by its smell. If they smell like petrol/kerosene they might have chemicals, as they might cause a skin reaction on sensitive skins and even in not so sensitive skins. JBO is reported to be dangerous and might cause cancer or respiratory issues, so we ask people to avoid ropes with that chemical. There is no certification for JBO free ropes currently due to their nature and resources. Another reason to cause reaction or allergy could be the products used to treat the ropes. Please make sure the person who ties and is tied up are not allergic to any product used for treatment. If you have any question, please let us know!

Which are the durability of the natural ropes?

Any untreated rope is usually stronger than other processed ropes like treated or dyed. However, the differences might differ in small portions in most cases. But a stronger rope doesn't guarantee a longer-lasting life. It also depends a lot of the way they are being treated and used. Due to that, we can't guarantee the length of their durability 100%. But we had noticed that our longest customers could have them for 2-3 years with no issues or breaking, and some could have them for 8 months and needed to change. It really depends on a lot of factors. If you are interested in have a long-lasting rope, the first step if buy the best quality ropes, then the rest will rely on the way how you take care of them, and educating about that matter is super important to avoid common mistakes. To know more, you can check on the blog section for more information in the matter or contact us with your questions.

What is the difference between jute and hemp?

There is a misconception that hemp ropes are stronger and last longer than jute ropes. The reality is that everything will depend on each fibres quality and the way they are being handled. But the main difference between those two are the next ones: -Hemp tends to be softer at first than jute due to the nature of the fibres. -Jute requires to be broken down by using or treating it to get softer. -Jute is more on the golden side and hemp is more in the light grey side. Depends a lot of each fibres variations too. -Jute smells more like straws and hemp, well...smells like hemp. But both of our ropes have a very soft smell. -For the people who like to do water stuff, hemp is easier to untie knots while the ropes are wet than jute. -Jute has a peculiar noise in itself when being used new(ish) that many people enjoyed that hemp barely has.

Coloured ropes

Does the dyed ropes stain?

Our dye method provides a deep and brings colour on the ropes that should not stain by itself. Reasons, why your ropes could stain, would be that they get in touch with oils, oily skin and humidity/water together. Often when someone is sweating a lot it might stain on the clothing a bit. This could be washed off. The other reason it might stain is if you wet the ropes quite a lot, like almost all clothing that you put on a washing machine or soak for a while. And lastly, new ropes recently treated might transfer some wax, balm, oil from their surface to the skin/fabric and look like a stain but is probably the product used to treat the rope that didn't fully absorb. Please wait some days and avoid tie-on cloth that you care more to be stained. For this reason, if you are afraid of staining, please don't use them on valuable clothing and lither colours. Avoid wet, oils, sweat. Keep it always dry.

Does the dyed coloured ropes fade?

The method we developed to dye our ropes guarantees a very low possibility of fading. The colours are very bright and deep-dyed. Please note that your coloured ropes will fade if you wash the ropes or sink them on water.

Does the dye on the ropes causes allergy?

The dyes we use on our ropes are for clothing dye. We use a brand that is tested to not cause allergy but we can't guarantee. If you have any allergy to some product or ingredient, please let us know before purchasing so we make sure you won't have any issues with it.

Can I personalise the coloured ropes?

Yes, you can. If you want something you can't see on the store, please send us an email to and we will get back to you if we can make it and send a budget.

Which are the durability of the dyed ropes?

As dyed ropes need to be wet to get their great colours, the rope strength loses a bit compared with a natural colour rope. However, we use a method that keeps as much as possible their integrity and strength of the rope. The durability in general of each rope will depend on the quality of the rope, their processed method such as dyes and treatments and lastly but not least the way how they are handles with time. We do not recommend wet the ropes or wash them.

The colour I receive is not exactly like on the website


Rope ends

What is overhand knot and a triskelion knot?

Both knots are great for different needs. In essence, the overhand knot is a very simple knot that can get undone and is slightly bulkier than triskelion. However we don't charge extra for this knot, and in another hand, we do for the triskelion knot as it's much more complex and designed to not get undone and be very compact. If you want to know more in-depth about their differences and if you might prefer one to another, please read this blog post.

Do you make other custom rope ends?

Currently not. But we are open for suggestions to be included on the website.

Special packs

Can I personalize my special sets?

At the moment this is not possible. But we are open for suggestions to be included in the future.

Can I apply a discount on a special sets?

Special sets are usually with a discount included, which could be an amount discounted or other free products on the set.

Rope care/Mantainance

Is my ropes treated already?

We always offer ropes that are treated or untreated, you can choose this option and they will be properly treated enough to be softer and hydrated but not overdone so you can still personalise at home if needed. If you choose the option that is "untreated", then your ropes will arrive with no treatment so you can use them raw or personalise at home.

How can I treat my ropes?

Yes, you can treat your ropes if you purchased them untreated and can personalise the treatment as you wish at home. You also can treat your ropes more even if you buy them already treated, just make sure that the ingredients are compatible, to get the desired look and feel.

How can I mantain/care my ropes in long term?

Taking care of your ropes is very personal, but we offer some tips in this blog post about how to take care and maintain the health of the ropes in the long term.

How I clean my ropes? Can I wash it? (Spoiler, no!)

Ropes need to be cleaned with fresh air and some light (no direct sun is needed). Bacterias and mould can be avoided by this method and avoiding storing them on humidity places and wet them. In case of persistent bacterias, mould or something else, we recommend then step in a stronger cleaning method which could be washing them or baking them, however, those methods can be very damaging for the ropes and we do not recommend them to be used as main lines for suspensions anymore. Also, if your ropes have been treated with some balm or wax previously, we do not recommend wet them or wash them as the product will clump and create a very undesirable look and feel. In general, we say: DON'T WASH YOUR ROPES!

Does other products need special care?

In general, we recommend our other products with care. Please don't drop your rings on the floor or your safety shears. Avoid using your safety shear for other purposes than cutting ropes and make sure they are always sharp and if not is time to change them. Depending on the oils and balms, we recommend keeping them on the fridge to avoid rancid smell with time.

Care & Gear Products

Are the gear products graded?

No, we do not offer graded load rings. For that reason, we can't endorse them for suspending living beings for safety purposes. However, we tested them informally and they seem to take at least 250 kilos before bending or breaking.

Can I personalize the gear products?

Currently no, but we will offer some personalised gear products in the future.

Why there is no bee wax paste for sale?

We believe that the whole brand and valued are based on sustainability, eco-friendly and responsibility. But also we do not support animals abuse and the industry of bee wax is part of that sad reality. For this reason, we do not offer bee wax balms or use them for rope treatment. Instead, we opted for vegetable options that are fair trade resourced, eco-friendly and ecologic ingredients.

What's the difference between wood ring and metal ring? Which to choose?

Wood ring and metal ring are very very different, they are two different words that can have their own space for different reasons. Please read this blog post if you are interested in know more and find out which one you may prefer or even find out you might like both.


I would like to buy ropes for resale.

Please contact with to know more details about buying our ropes coils. We offer a discount for bulk orders and we ship everywhere.

How many ropes set is recommended?

It depends a lot of facts such as the level of the person tying, how many ropes they already have, what are the intentions, etc. Averagely new people find useful 4 ropes on their set, people with a little bit experience and tying several harnesses finds 8 ropes on their set more useful and people who are more advanced and doing suspensions feel more comfortable with 10 ropes or more. Please read this blog post to know more details and find our how many ropes you might need.

Which is the ideal rope length?

The size of the ropes depends a lot of the style of tying, the size of the person tying and the size of the person being tied up, also the purposes. The standard size is 7,30 meters in Europe. Read more this blog post to know more about it and find your ideal rope size.

For what are the specially sized ropes pack?

The special size ropes are a selection of random sizes useful to tie different harnesses, lines and end harnesses/ties. you know, some people just don't want to cut their own ropes from an established set or are new people with new ropes and feel the same about cutting their ropes, or might need special knots on the ends and don't know how to make them. At the moment they are not available on the website but will be back soon with updates.

Which thickness of the ropes is recommended?

The thick of the rope depends a lot of the person who is being tied and for what intent the rope is used. Currently, we have only 5.5 and 6.0 mm thick jute ropes. Than 5.0 and 6.0 mm thick hemp ropes. We will bring another variety of sizes to our store soon. To know more how to find which thickness of the ropes you might prefer, please read this blog post.

When is the right time to change my set of ropes or scissors?

Ideally, every person who ties should have two cutting tools with them all the time. Often people have different types of cutting tools. Due to legal reasons we only can sell safety shears. Safety shears have an expiration use, one day after several uses they will start to cut less sharply. When you notice that your shears are not cutting as sharp as usual, we recommend retire them for emergency needs. Please make sure to have two cutting tools that are cutting properly and sharply ALWAYS. Make sure you don't use the same shear to cut ropes ends or other things as the same one you save for emergency while tying someone. And have them accessible and visible as possible, preferable on yourself. Another tip we can give is to make sure you know how to cut the ropes, where and that you have the proper strength under pressure and stress. If shears are not your perfect tool for this task we recommend a search for another safer one that is more efficient in those cases for safety reasons.

My ropes have a slightly different size to what I ordered, why is this?

Ropes can shrink over time when not used and slightly stretch when is used over time. Once we get the rope at the exact size they should have, it happens that they might shrink a bit but once you start to use them they will stretch again :) Oh, sometimes you might end up with a rope slightly longer for many reasons. If you want a rope shorter, do not hesitate to cut them to the more desirable length.


We tried to collect all the questions we receive often and include in this FAQ section, but also you can find very precise information about each product in their description and some extra tips and info on the blog section, please make sure check it before filling this form. If your question is not here, don't doubt send us your concerns or curiosity so we can try to answer it as soon as possible.
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