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Our COVID-19 response

We know those are strange times, and the whole world dealing with a pandemic situation that can put in danger many lives, we understand and share the importance of knowing how your products are handled and shipped.

First of all, we have been using protection (masks and gloves) before Covid-19 was an issue. And we still do it and will keep doing in the future and even extreme the process of protection and avoid contact at all costs with the products you will receive at home.
So, even if you look at pictures on the website and social media pages, we use images that no protection gear because it just looks nicer and those products displayed are not going to any customer.

We produce our rope balms and do our mixes for the oils as the same the ones we use to treat the ropes we sell. When we handle those products, we also use protection and sterilized containers.

We researched about how the shipping will be handle and all the companies we chose to work to shows publically a response to the Covid-19. So we trust those companies to handle the packages and deliver them accurately.

There is a small possibility that some countries are not receiving products from foreign countries (from Spain). As soon we accept the orders we will double-check if the product is still able to be shipped and if there is any change in the international regulation, we will contact our costumers to inform and offer options. But again, this is very likely as we researched quite a lot to ensure we can ship worldwide during this time.

If you have any question, please let us know here.

Thank you and we hope you and loved ones are safe and healthy.

Learn Shibari team.

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