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Bicoloured jute (treated)

Bicoloured jute (treated)

Bicoloured hand-dyed jute ropes, half violet and half natural, ready to be used!


All ropes are in 8 meters length, 6mm thick with overhand knot on their ends (regular basic knot).

There are a few components that make our dyed ropes so attractive and best sold outs:
Our ropes are JBO-free, we developed a dye method that keeps their integrity and strength as is best, and we only use high-quality products and ingredients, including on the treatment part.

Because our ropes are JBO-free, they are naturally softer than average ropes and break down much sooner but very durable with time. This single-ply with medium twist rope allows much more flexibility and strong knotting.
Our dry hand treatment is suitable for vegans, gives a nice feel and speeds up the softness process, and hydrates the ropes to keep them healthier longer, but you definitely can treat them again more times until archive a desirable feel.

If you want to know about our products and got some questions, please check the FAQ section first.

*This product is stock-based with a very limited amount available.
More info in the FAQ section.


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