Wood ring
  • Wood ring

    Light-weight wood ring


    Lenth: 23,5 cm
    Width: 23,5 cm
    Height: 3,2 cm
    Weight: 355 gr


    Matte finishing.

    You can choose between: only the ring or a ring with a reinforced jute rope, (rope size can vary betwee 6,0 meters to 7,5 meters/ 6,0 mm).

    • Our provider indicates that the ring can take approximately 250-350 kilos before slowly cracking, and needed approximately +450 kilos to fully break. However as the ring is not officially rated, we prefer to ask our customers to be self-responsible, aware, handle it with care and we will not hold them responsible if the piece is not used properly or have any damage that could cause an accident, like any other non-rated product.

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