Bi-coloured JUTE sets (treated)
  • Bi-coloured JUTE sets (treated)

    Sets of bi-coloured jute ropes hand treated ready to be used!

    Our bi-coloured ropes are just like our regular coloured ropes but you can let go of your creativity and imagination and create a personalised colour combination according to your taste.
    This single-ply with medium twist rope allows much more flexibility and strong knotting. We do a dry treatment by hand suitable for vegans, and you definitely can treat them again more times until archive a desirable feel.

    Select all the characteristics desirable for your needs. Prices will vary between the number of ropes in each set option, length and knots types on the ends.

    You must fill the two custom fields below besides choosing the technical characteristics of your rope set to your order be correct. Instructions bellow!

    Write on the custom field PATTERN the desirable design pattern: -50/50 (a folded rope will have two different colours equally.-Tails (a folded rope will have a first main colour and a second colour on the 2 meters tails/ends).

    Write on the custom field COLOURS the 2 colours options desired:-Natural, Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Turquoise, Orange, Green, Rose, Purple

    If you want to know about our products and got some questions, please check the FAQ section first.

    *This is a custom made product. Once the order is confirmed, we will process it and personalize the product before shipping. More info on the FAQ section.

    **Every dyed rope has the possibility to come in a slightly different shade or brightness. As much we try our best to make them like the photos, is not 100% guarantee. Contact us if you have any question.

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