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First of all, welcome to a new Learn Shibari blog era.

You are probably asking yourself: What is Learn Shibari?

Well, if you are familiar with Shibari, then is going to be easy to explain. If not, please wait a bit for an introductory blog post about this practice that might be new to you (inhale patience, exhale wisdom).

Learn Shibari was a little seed back in 2016; at this time was a veryyyy loose idea of a tremendous journey in the following years.

I (it’s me, Pauline Massimo) have been active in the international community for several years at this point and passionate taking classes and researching about ropes as a medium already for a while. I found this tool so fascinating by itself that I think it deserves much more attention.

I got geeky about this topic, and well, there was a language barrier, but it didn’t stop me from learning more and getting even more interested in finding out as much I could about ropes for Shibari.

(Ok, let me be clear here. I’m very biased about one thing, and I would like to set the record straight before I even continue. I LOVE jute, and I will always love jute, jute is so far my favourite material to do Shibari. Sorry “other ropes” lovers! Of course, this doesn’t stop me researching about hemp or other materials and even trying them out. But yeah, this is my little dark secret: JUTE!)

Ok, back to what I was saying, I researched a lot and research is still a big part of my everyday life and professional perspective, is super crucial for me to be updated and propose accurate information.

The idea of starting this new blog era at Learn Shibari is providing tools for Shibari enthusiasts newbies and veterans souls. My main goal is to inform, inform and inform, keep you all up to date about the stuff I find out, my opinion as a professional in Shibari and of course HELP YOU!

In case you didn’t notice, hello?? We got a website makeover, I mean, I needed to do that, and I was procrastinating over the years. After a long struggle and hardships all over around this project, we forced a little break to be able to focus in getting that done and be able to offer better services and juice all the goodies we can provide to you.

Please take in mind that I will publish the blog posts in parts, and most topics can be very intense, my goal also is to synthesize this information without skipping the important stuff. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments section or drop us a message. Questions that can benefit others in the long run, I would first curate a content to share with you all, and we can learn all together.

Remember that I share things from my professional perspective, but also, my own experiences can bias me. I try to research, and not all the information I get is from written documents. Still, many are based on knowledge from experiences by me and by other thoughtful professionals that I have the privilege of being close. I try to be clear and transparent as much as possible, but I’m not here to write an essay, ok. The long term problem related to synthesizing topics is that sometimes it can be misinterpreted and new information found later one, which I recommend everyone regardless of their experience level to be actively sharing, learning and discovering.

Oh, English is not my first language, so bear with me :)

I’m happy to correct or clarify anything. It’s not an excuse to not share knowledge.

Thank you for reading it all; you are a winner!!!

The end.

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