Intermediate kit
  • Intermediate kit

    A perfect kit for intermediate level people:
    -8 high-quality jute ropes hand treated.
    -1 ring to choose from metal or wood style.
    -1 handmade unscented rope balm (100gr) for maintenance for free.

    -1safety shear for free (black or green).
    -1 hand treated rope between 2-4 meters for free (overhand knot).

    Because our ropes are JBO free, they are naturally softer than average ropes and breaks down much sooner but very durable with time. This single-ply with medium twist rope allows much more flexibility and strong knotting.
    Our dry hand treatment is suitable for vegans, gives a nice feel and speed up the softness process and hydrate the ropes to keep them healthier longer.
    Our rope balm is vegan and melts in the hands allowing a deeper penetration to keep the ropes hydrated. It has a natural soft scent from a mix of oils and vegetable waxes, a safety shear so you don't ever have to worry when you most need them, in a big size and great quality and a small piece of rope of 4 meters which is super handy to finish some ties without cutting from your new set.


    Select all the characteristics desirable for your needs. Prices will vary between the number of ropes in each set option, length and knots types on the ends.

    If you want to know about our products and got some questions, please check the FAQ section first.


    *This is a custom made product. Once the order is confirmed, we will process it and personalize the product before shipping. More info on the FAQ section.

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