Tue, Nov 23 | Espacio Nos

Semi-suspensions for pain and pleasure - Tamandua & Briki

In this intensive weekend workshop by Tamandua & Briki, they will share their favourite semi-suspensions. Basándose en su visión del shibari como un arte erótico y sadomasoquista, las ataduras enseñadas se enfocaran en la belleza sensual y en el juego de atormentar con las cuerdas.
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Semi-suspensions for pain and pleasure - Tamandua & Briki


Nov 23, 6:00 PM GMT+1 – Nov 24, 6:00 PM GMT+1
Espacio Nos, Passatge de Sant Benet, 6, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


Semi-suspensions for pain and pleasure

During this two-day workshop Tamandua, joined by partner Briki will teach some of his favourite ties for half-suspension. Based on their approach to tying as an erotic and sadomasochistic artform the ties for this class are developed for their sensual beauty as well as playfully tormenting qualities.

When tying semi-suspension shapes we try to play with the dynamic between the pull of the suspension lines and the push against the ground. Both are capable of creating support on one hand and stress on the other, depending on the balance of the tie. This often results in a predicament situation for the person in the ropes, as they attempt to lean into one or the other.

What you will learn in this class:

  • The building blocks of each tie and how they work together with the floor to lock the body into shape
  • Understanding how to thoughtfully balance suspension load to control the intensity of the tie
  • Rope pressure and postural pressure as two different types of torment in semenawa ties
  • Guidance for topping and bottoming in this style of tying according to the approach of Tamandua and Briki

Horizontal bamboo will be used as suspension points. Both shapes using TK/gote and shapes using other ways of tying the upper body will be demonstrated.

Please bring:

At least 7 ropes of full length and 2-3 of random shorter lengths (these should be jute rope sold for the purpose of shibari)

1-2 cloth pieces of a good size to tie as a gag.

Pre-requisites for those tying/riggers:

Must be able to make suspension lines and know how to attach them to a harness.

Must know well at least one method for locking suspension lines in the bottom and in the top when suspending from a bamboo.

Must know how to tie a solid TK/gote on your partner

All these skills need to have been learned from a shibari instructor IRL, or have received feedback from an instructor before booking the intensive!

Pre-requisites for the person getting tied and the one tying:

Partners should have prior experience tying together since before the class. This should include tying with a TK/gote if anatomically possible.

Both partners need to be aware of the risks of nerve compression in shibari and know how to recognize signs of nerve compression happening.

If TK/gote is impossible for anatomical reasons, please make sure to have sufficient experience in other upper body ties which can be suspended from the back.


This class has as a main public people coming in pairs. However, we do have a limited number of spots for solo people who are really interested.

Our events are usually mainly oriented to LGBTQIA+ and women/femmes.

People who are allies to Espacio Nos and the marginalized communities that we are focused on are welcome too. As long as the rules and policies of the space are respected, the gender and sexual identities, and other marginalised identities. We have limited spots for allies in the class, feel free to join us.

Please fill the form for this event if you are interested, we will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. We kindly ask you to fill in as much info as possible so we can get to know you are a bit better and evaluate the application as best as possible.

*Only over 18 years old.*


The intensive, both days, costs 400€ for couples/duos.

Tickets for LGBTQIA+ couples and women/femmes couples are eligible for a discount for the intensive workshop.

Regularly priced tickets for couples of allies/friends.

If you wish to join the weekend intensive and/or the performance, we offer package prices with a discount if needed.


Tamandua will teach in English and we will offer live translation to Spanish if necessary.


Once you fill the event form, you are requesting a spot for the class. If you receive a positive confirmation, we will explain how you book the class paying the reservation.

The only way to fully book the class is to pay it in advance, we do not hold spots without payment.

The first ones to pay their reservations are the first ones to get their spot, once the workshop or class is full we will spot receiving payments.

*Those who falsely apply and reserve spots as an LGBTQI+ or women/femme couple will not receive a refund for violating a vital condition of this event and space policy, nor will they gain access to the event.*

*We have limited places for couples and single allies participants, when these places run out we will open the waiting list until the remaining places for this class are released. If there are any questions on our part, we will let you know.*

*We do not respond to applications that are incomplete or filled out with incorrect information. Please make sure that all information is filled incorrectly, that you fill in as much information as possible and that you enter the e-mail address correctly.*

To attend this class, you must have a certificate or proof of vaccination and/or a PCR less than 24 hours old. And we will follow the health restrictions that are in place during the date of the event, so conditions may change. If for any reason you do not have or cannot offer us one of these proofs, please write to us and we can look at your case and see if we can find a common solution.


No video recordings are allowed during class. Photos are only allowed of your own work.

If you have questions, suggestions, please let us know!