Welcome to Learn Shibari blog


Hello everyone!

This post is just a simple welcome to my new blog section on Learn Shibari website.

Here you will find regular posts about my work as a Shibari and Ropes artist, my views and ideas, shared experiences, announcements and so on.

Feel free always to comment and ask me questions. Currently I will be working on a FAQ section to all those common questions I have that could have a more "universal" answer to them.

The blog will have a special function to reply and even debate about other topics that are more difficult to explain on a FAQ section and even more important for me, engage and share thing with you all.

Would like to to remember that I'm not a native English speaker and therefore is not even near perfect. Any rude comment to my way of express with no constructive income will be probably deleted and no response to it at all.
This is part of my life and evolution as a being, part of my learning process and I had learn English "by myself" traveling and meeting interesting people. I have no grammar or school background to support my "correct" spelling and I do my best to make is as much good enough to be sharable, but I would appreciate private comments on mistakes to improve it on the future.

With that said, thank you so much for all the people who makes this project real, who help me and who crossed on my life. Without all those experiences I would probably not be here sharing those things with you all.


Best wishes,


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Check out our online shop here.