This is the second part of “The body in ropes” blog post reflection.
First part HERE.

Shibari is an practice that requieres some physical effort.
Sometimes a lot, sometimes less from both sides.
When I tie, you have no idea how much energy and intensity I can put in each session.
The emotional effort is huge too, how can I never burnout?

Well, I burnout sometimes, but is very rare, really rare.
Not because of the physical effort I might put on, but mostly because of the emotional charges.
I feel myself very strong emotionally and I do like connect with people in that way.
However I do not express my emotions while doing Shibari on a conventional way.
This is maybe, the reason why I don’t burnout almost never.

Taking in account that almost any person I tie up on a rope bondage session, they will taller or/and heavier than me. I can bet you!
This requieres for me a lot more physical effort and of course, more emotional charges, while tying. 

I can tell you that I use science to do Shibari on my own way.

For example: I know some tricks and have knowledge about how to make a body run more or less some hormones like endorphins and adrenaline. I know how to play with physics regrind my transitions while doing an dynamic suspension. I can also use science to make visual illusions like for example make someone look more bending or give give a sensation of floating and effortless moments and movements.

I believe that knowledge is the key to power. If you use the knowledge in your hands to make something better for yourself, for others and efficient, I would go 100% on it.

You can do that too if you want, it’s in your “hand” (mind and body).

 Do you learn Shibari?  Check here

Do you learn Shibari? Check here