Body, this thing we all have. Different and equal at the same time.

We think we know it so well, but surely there is so many things we still have to find out, discover and discuss about it.
Everybody is different, and so each bodies, each mind, each individuals. For that I make my mind open as much as possible each time I tie someone.


I treat bodies the same way I treat minds.

They can shine by themselves no matter which look they have from outside. 


People ask me if I find differences between tying a man or a women.
First, this question is already excluding all non-binary beings.
Second, for me there is no difference.
Because I don’t think at someone gender or negatively judge their look when I tie.
I try deconstruct society ideals of gender, look, masculinity and femininity, sex and emotional expression.

What I must think about is the possibilities and challenges I could have dealing with each bodies.
We could not say that a big difference in weight and hight would affect in the same way how a session goes and how someone rigs, and how someone perform into ropes.
But it not means the effect of those components would be necessary negative.

I’m smaller than an average human size, so I have to take in mind some technical aspects to deal safely with different bodies.
What I would not do is determinate the session direction unilateral by myself alone.
When we tie with other people, we are dealing with PEOPLE.
And we humans have the possibility of changing mind, overcome or not difficulties,
be curious or need to be comfortable with something known, etc.

For me, tie and being tied is more about the values we can teach each others and the experience of itself,
the just finding the perfect friction and the best Takate-Kote.

Respect yourself and let your own mind shine for itself.

Thank you for reading, part II coming soon.
Xx Eris xX