What is Learn Shibari

Learn Shibari is more than a website, is a platform that is evolving everyday aiming to connect every person who is interested in Shibari and about ropes.

The idea of this platform is make easy to access to high quality products related to Shibari, with the best service as possible keeping the hand craft roots.

Also the new project related to Learn Shibari is creating high quality online tutorials for all levels, where people who doesn’t have accessibility to Shibari classes or aim to learn different ties and approaches into Shibari or use it as a complementary set of tools for everyday practice.


Who is Learn Shibari

Learn Shibari is mostly based by two people.

-Pauline Massimo is the founder and creator of this project and platform. She is mostly the person on social media, updating the website, who takes care of most packages and orders, who presents the online tutorials. Basically she is at everything supervising and making sure things goes smooth and well.

She has more than 6 years knowledge into Shibari and about ropes. IF you want to know more about her, soon her personal website is coming up.

-Carlos is a huge part of this project, from taking care os most products, treatments and dyes, shipping and updating products on the website. He also is is behind the beautiful touch on the pictures and tutorial videos.

-Part of this platform is also accounting on a occasional assistant and on a writer for the texts in this website and for the blog posts idealised by Pualine.

-And of course, you! Yes, you are part of Learn Shibari team somehow. And Learn Shibari want you to know that you are more than welcome to send suggestions or get in touch about anything to improve this platform.